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Status: OPEN

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Terms of Service

Base Prices:
Colored Bust - $25
Colored Fullbody - $35

Additional Prices:
Extra Character is +50% ( max 2 )
Detailed markings/accessories - up to +15%

Prices are in USD

Fullbody & Bust Examples

Last Updated: September 11th, 2021

Terms of Service


Payment will be an invoice via PayPal onlyI have the right to reject any commissionI must be credited adequately if repostingYou may edit the commission in any way you would like but credit must be dueYou may use my works if it is non-profitable and if I am creditedIt is understood that we respect each other's privacy
There will be no communication during the commission processThere will not be any revisions due to thisCommissioner will receive 2 .png files ( sketch and final ) as well as the .psd fileYou may NOT use or redistribute as an NFT ( non-fungible token )


1. Fill out the commission form*
*I will not accept commissions through any other means.
2. If accepted, I will send an invoice in under 24 hours. If you didn't receive one, it means I have rejected the commission.
3. Work on the commission will only start once the invoice has been paid.
4. Once finished, I will send the commission via the email given in the commission form.

I may take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month.
If I fail to finish the commission within 2 months, a refund will be given.

Will Not Do

HumansHate SpeechPoliticsMechExcessive gore

If you're not sure, feel free to ask !

You must have your age in your bio in order to do NSFW commissions.

Contact Info

Twitter: @dwagontea | Discord: Drago#6685 | Telegram: @Lukroar

( I may be slow to respond due to school, apologies in advance ! )


Discord Tag: Drago#6685

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About Me

Hiya ! I go by Drago around here and also Korean American - though I'm more comfortable with English. I've picked up drawing as a hobby for about 2-3 years now and I still hope to keep improving !

Currently, I'm a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering since electricity and magnetism caught my attention. University takes up the majority of my time as well as the occasional commissions. I also really like music and I'm honestly open ears for anything !

Things might be chaotic here and there, so we'll see how far this goes 8)

vile & Lys

Front + Back body references
Color Palette